A selection of the photos from some of those who completed the competition

1. You can only be this once in a lifetime, name of a lane in Battle (Off the A2100)
Virgins lane

Photo of Jackie Lineham

2. Every married man’s dream for a bit of peace and quiet, lane in-between Udimore & Rye (Off the B2089)

Dumb Woman’s lane

Photo from Andy Fleet

3. You would be completely mad to go down this lane in Seddlescombe (Off the A21)
Crazy lane
Photo from Mike 

4. Not for the prudish the name of this lane in Biddenden Green.
Lewd lane
Photo from Mike Lillington

5. You are likely to see Fido with a spade in his hand down this lane in Frittenden (Off the Cranbrook Road)
Dig dog lane
Photo from Gary Lineham

6. Known to be a friend of the LBGTQ+ community, the name of this avenue in Cranbrook (Near the Windmill)
Dorothy avenue
Photo from Eric Butters

7. Look for a Dick riding his horse down this lane in Sparrows Green (Off the B2100)
Cockmount lane

Photo from Colin Page-Mitchell (What dedication, it was dark by the time Colin finished)

8. A bird would show off with these down this lane in Lye Green (Off the B2188)

Plumey feather lane.
Photo from Colin Page-Mitchell

9. Your spherical objects could end up this way if left out in all weather, the name of this road in Withyham (Off Station road)

Balls green
Photo from Richie Blackwell

10. I have spied a Bovine creature in this lane in-between Hadlow Down & Buxted (Off the A272)
Spotted cow lane

Photo from Brian Butters