Nacelle Report

November 2020

Hi Folks,

Saturday 5th September, we had a good turnout on our breakfast run to the Chalet Cowfold, nice to see a couple of ladies on pillion (Mandy and Eileen).

Sunday 13th not only did we have a couple of ladies on pillion again we also had a couple riding their bikes (Sue and Maria) on the well attended breakfast run to the Oasis, Old Romney.

Unfortunately that run will be the last of the big group run for the time being due to the current Covid restrictions etc..

Saturday 19th Alan and John led two small separate groups on various routes over to the Airport Cafe on the A20 near Port Lympne .

Likewise on Sunday 27th this time it was John and myself who led two small separate groups on a run to The Teapot Island Yalding for breakfast, at the same time Roger, Bob and Jim had a breakfast run to the Blue and White Cafe on the A20 just up from the Airport Cafe on the way to Ashford.

Wednesday 11th November Rother AGM at The Robin Hood 8pm (subject to Covid Restrictions)

Friday 11th December Rother xmas dinner at the Robin Hood (subject to Covid Restrictions)

As always check our website and Facebook for updates.

The Mowerman