Nacelle Report

February 2021

Hi Folks,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Still not much to report this time as you can imagine.

I was discussing with Chris the other day about the ride outs we managed to do during last year and we were amazed that we did 32, up on 2019 when we managed 27 and Phil topped the attendance chart. I can reveal that he did not top it in 2020, who topped it? well all will be revealed in due course. When the Covid-19 restrictions allowed us we also had a very good attendance on the runs, probably due to us all being desperate to get out, looking forward to when we can resume the runs. Thank you Chris for keeping us all in the loop.

We may not have been able to meet up as usual last year with social events etc. but on the positive side when we did we were mainly on our bikes, which is what its all about.

On a sad note, Ian (Buzz) Anderson one of the friends of our club passed away just before Christmas. He was a frequent visiter to our Rabbit Rally and some of our members in the past use to meet up with hime in the Carlisle Pub when the bands were on. Our condolences go to his family.

As always keep a look on our website and Facebook page for updates.

The Mowerman