R.I.P Chris

R.I.P Chris

We are saddened to report the sudden and unexpected passing of Chris Cole who was a popular and active member of our group. Chris was an enthusiastic member of our club who not only was the treasurer but also co-ordinated our many enjoyable ride outs. Everything he did was approached with passion and professionalism as well as always being friendly and welcoming to all.

Chris was extremely knowledgable about motorbikes especially Triumphs as well as showing an interest in classic cars particularly MG's. He cared for his vehicles which were always immaculately turned out and scrupulously maintained. Chris owned several vehicles over the years including a V8 MGB as well as various Triumph motorbikes. Over time he saw the benefits of owning a more modern bike and gravitated towards the Hinkley models of which he always had one or two in his collection. In fact when looking for a new house a few years ago, rather than looking at the benefits a new house would bring, Chris was looking for a dream garage in which to adequately house all his vehicles.

Chris was a very accomplished and skilled rider with a genuine passion for motorcycling. His enthusiasm was clear to see, and he often arranged not one but two club ride outs each week. Indeed the day before Chris died he was out on one such ride doing what he loved to do.

Chris and his wife Ros were a very special couple and our love goes out to Ros at this very difficult time. We thank Chris for all that he did for us and the commitment he showed. We will all miss having him around and club will never be the same without him.

Written by Colin

Photo By Ed